About the Author

(That's me, Jeremy Michelson)

The author, relaxing in his yard.  He has no idea why his shoes are pink.

Jeremy Michelson is the author of the SevenUnion series starring a rotating cast of oddball, yet endearing characters.  He is also the author of the New Bedlam and Unseen World contemporary fantasy series staring a rotating cast of oddball, yet endearing characters.

There might be a theme there…

In a previous career Jeremy Michelson worked for a small town newspaper.  He had the curious privilege of reporting on the good, the bad, and the downright strange of small town life.

These days Jeremy lives in a larger town in the Pacific Northwest and likes it.  He also does things like hiking, (the Pacific Northwest is awesome for hiking), wearing flannel shirts, and taking pretty pictures of mountains and waterfalls and scenic stuff like that.

When one of the family’s cats aren’t sitting on his keyboard, he entertains himself by writing about things he can’t stop thinking about.

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