Terminus Ascending

A case of mistaken identity? Not at all.

A vicious alien race has a secret weapon to use against humanity:

Roy DeHaas.

Turns out to be quite the surprise to Roy.

Roy finds himself on the run. Chased by every race in the galaxy. Including his own.

Somehow he’s started a war. Waves of alien battle cruisers are bearing down on Earth.

The two most powerful people in the galaxy could stop them.

They won’t.

Instead, they dump humanity’s fate on Roy.

Now he has to play cat and mouse with a fiendishly clever alien who thirsts for vengeance against humanity.

Roy’s in way over his head. Nothing new there.

But this time the entire human race depends of his finding a way out of this mess.

He’ll never give up. But persistence might not be enough this time.

Can he pull everyone together in time?

An epic chapter in the Star Ascension series.